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Double Beer Engine Caskerator for Corny Kegs Part 3: The Cask Widge

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  • Double Beer Engine Caskerator for Corny Kegs Part 3: The Cask Widge

    Not sure if anyone is familiar with the Cask Widge, but having been using it for quite some time now, I find it to be great for serving clear dry hopped beers. While I use it for my dry hopped beers I pull through my engine, I read about it being used by a homebrewer for a typical draft system for the exact same purpose.

    The intended purpose of the Cask Widge is to be able to serve cask ales with the pin/firkin/kilderkin placed on its short side like a standard keg. While the Cask Widge is an entire system for serving cask ales fortunately when using a corny keg you only need the silicone tubing and float. Again you do not need a beer engine to use this, the Cask Widge works on a forced CO2 draft system.

    Basically it is a pickup tube that floats just below the surface of the beer and allows one to pull clear beer all the time to the very end of the keg.

    Parts Needed
    • 1 Silicone Cask Widge Tube (red for corny keg)
    • 1 Cask WIdge Float (red for corny keg)
    • 1 "Gas In" tube for a corny keg

    Prior to the Cask Widge I just used my typical keg setup and used a large spice ball that I got at Bed Bath and Beyond that holds 2 oz of hop pellets. I had great hop flavor but I always got hop residue into the glass. I suppose I could cut the dip tube, but I am not sure that would alleviate the problem as the spice ball is quite large. Since using the Cask Widge I never have hop residue and still have great hop flavor from the dry hops (I leave my dry hops in the keg the entire time.)

    Figure 1 shows the parts of the Cask Widge and the extra gas in tube that I use to attach the Cask Widge to the keg.

    Figure 2 is the Cask Widge put together as I would use it in my keg. As you can see it just a bit bigger than standard dip tube.

    To attach the Cask Widge you have to install the small "gas in" tube on the "OUT" side of the keg. Then reach inside the keg to attach the silicone tubing to the gas tube.

    I attach the Cask Widge when the keg is empty, roll up the tube/float, and wrap in a clean paper towel and place inside the handle (basically get it out of the way)
    Then I rack the beer into the keg and place the Cask Widge into the filled keg.

    As the beer is drawn down the Cask Widge will follow until the end of the keg. I probalby have a bout a 1/4 -1/2 pint of waste, but that beer would be full of hop residue anyway.
    I only use the Cask Widge when serving dry hopped beers, otherwise I use my standard dip tube.

    I picked up my cask widge and tubing at UK Brewing Supplies (NAYY).

    I suppose one could make something similar, but the Widge/tubing is a perfect fit for a corny keg

    Regardless you get a nice clear beer with tons of dryhop flavor, perfect for my "Session NE IPA's / American Bitters"