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  • Belgian Blond

    One of my favorite stops on my beer trip of Belgium in 2013 was the Brouwerij Kerkom

    The Bink Blond is an awesome beer. Hoppy, much more so than Popering's hommel bier, but not as strong. A great Belgian "session" beer (session for me is anything under 6.5%)

    Friday I took another stab at brewing this. I am fermenting one keg with White Labs 575 Belgian blend, the other with Belle saison yeast (limited sources of Belgian yeast at the local hardware store).

    OG 1.055, 10 gallons

    20 lbs. Avangard pilsner malt
    0.5 lbs. Dingemann's biscuit malt
    9 oz. Weyermann acid malt
    1 lb. Simplicity candi syrup

    Mash-in at 140°F for 60 min, 150°F for 30 min, batch sparge at 165°F

    3 oz. EKGs FWH
    1.5 oz. Challenger 60 min
    2 oz. Saaz 5 min
    2 oz. Saaz 0 min

    Both bucket fermentors are bubbling nicely at 64°F right now in the basement. In another couple of days I will bring them upstairs to warm up to 70°F.

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    Hi mate

    Is this location still available?

    I would like to catch some beer bottles on my trip to Belgium next month.

    What was your experience there? Share some information to me if possible

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      If your looking for beer bottles to take back, then go to the Bottle Shop in Bruges.