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This and Lemondrop Hops

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  • This and Lemondrop Hops

    1968 + lemon drop hops + MO # 19 = new recipie

    cant wait to brew it

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    I would like to hear how you used the hops and how the beer turns out. Thought about using them in a Saison.


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      Earlier this summer I had a keg of APA that was kind of meh, so I added a sock of 2 oz. of Lemon Drop hop pellets to dry hop. Definitely improved that beer.


      • #4 gets in the way sometimes. Finally ended up brewing my Lemondrop bitter but had enough GP left over for that batch. Kegged with 2oz of Lemondrop hops. At racking it had a moderate lemon flavor.

        Brewing my Falconer’s Flight bitter today with the floor malted MO. Simple beer

        8.5 lbs Maris Otter 19

        bitter with Magnum to 28 IBU
        1oz FF at 5 min pre knock-out
        1 oz of FF at knock-out
        2 oz of FF at kegging

        Plan on tapping on Thanksgiving
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          Well this turned into a disaster. Got a really bizarre off flavor, somewhat medicinal in flavor. Had several pints, ended up dumping the batch. First dumperbrau in 27 years of brewing. Oh well....I have another beer kegged/casked ( and one in the fermenter that I will likely keg/cask tonight. Neither are Lemondrop beers. Not sure what went wrong


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            Hmmm that’s strange. I’ve read good things about them. Do you think it’s hop driven or did something else go wrong?


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              Had to be something else. I ended up cleaning the kegs real good and replaced my beer lines