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2 sacks of weyermann Munich to burn

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  • 2 sacks of weyermann Munich to burn


    I've come into two sacks of weyermann Munich I, and am looking for ideas of what to brew. I've only used maybe 2 lbs of Munich in past recipes.

    Reading on the net, I'm thinking about a 100% light Munich fest type beer, or maybe alt?

    What do you all think?

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    Real alt has little to no Munich it usually, but that doesn't mean you can't make a delicious pseudo alt with it! I certainly do. Festbier is a great choice, too. I'm told that Weyermann Munich can have low conversion, but I use other brands so no personal experience.


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      Thanks Denny.

      I might try something like this:

      5.5 Gallons, 1.059 OG

      12# Weyermann Light Munich, 6L, 9 SRM

      Tettnanger at boil, target 20 IBU

      S-189 yeast


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        Munich Dunkel and Schwarzbier come to mind as well.


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          Thanks for the thoughts. I have a request to brew a fest, and then I'll probably make a dunkel after that.


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            When life gives you Munich Malt, make BOCKS!
            Ask not what your country can brew for you but, what you can brew for your country!


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              Hmm. That's a great idea too. Now for just a little time to brew


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                Try a Munich Dunkel? But make sure you're aware of the extract potential of your malt. Last time I brewed a dunkel my calculator had a lower number than reality, and I ended up with a much higher OG than expected. Once the flaws from my underpitch aged out I had a nice doppelbock (blue ribbon!), but it took a while.


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                  Yes, dunkel or bock would be my top choices as well. A 50/50 pils/munich festbier is also very tasty.

                  Funny, as I have grown older, I use less and less Munich malt, as well as crystal malt. I really don't like sweet beer.


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                    Chumley, that's interesting...I've been gravitating and have brewed more SMASH beers in the past few years than I ever did in the previous decades....and I'm liking the results....
                    Ask not what your country can brew for you but, what you can brew for your country!