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Best Frozen Concentrate for Apple Cider

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  • Best Frozen Concentrate for Apple Cider

    I want to do a simple and cheap hard apple cider. I have used apple wine base with jug apple juice in the past with very good results. I want to go cheap this round...the wine base is pricey. Any opinions out there on the best frozen concentrate for hard cider? I have Kroger, Whole Foods, Fresh Market and Sprouts as my main local stores. Also some independent and local grocers, and the usual varieties of ethnic markets you normally see a 1 mil +metro area.

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    The only brand I have ever used is Tree Top. It seemed decent enough for back sweetening a cider.


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      I used to use Seneca Apple juice. I mixed the regal;ar juice with their Granny Smith juice. Unfortunately, I don't think Seneca makes/sells apple juice concentrate anymore. I haven't seen it at my local K-Roger in a while

      These days. I get fresh juice from my LHBS. They have a local orchard custom blend a nice, fresh-pressed juice for them every fall.
      --Paul Edwards


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        I've never made cider from frozen concentrate but I would imagine even Kroger brand would work. Juice in a bottle is reconstituted, so basically the same thing. I've had really good luck using regular juice. Let me know how this turns out as that would be easy and cheap.


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          ...but, technically, without the solids normally found in cider, you're making apple wine...


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