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American Hybrid Mild Bitter

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  • American Hybrid Mild Bitter

    I have no clue what "style" this is. Wanted to reuse my yeast and have a 2nd beer to put on. So I brewed this

    5 gal batch

    O.G. 1.038

    7.5 lbs Simpsons Golden Promise
    0.5 lbs Oatmeal
    0.25 lbs 120 L Crystal
    0.25 lbs UK Chocolate Malt

    Magnum hops used to bitter to 30 IBU's
    2 oz Falconers Flight at flameout
    1 oz Falconers Flight as dryhop in keg

    Wyeast 1968 from previous batch

    sort of a darker mild but the hops of a bitter. A dark bitter perhaps?

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    Sounds interesting. Maybe Extra Special Mild / ESM?


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      Whatever you call it, looks like it will make a tasty beer.


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        Well I just racked over my Mitter, (Mild Bitter). Nice caramel flavor from the 120L crystal. Not as dark as I thought it would be. The crystal plays off of 1968 nicely.

        Added 1 oz of Falconers Flight as dry hop.

        Plan on tapping 1/24, if I can hold out........