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  • Oktoberfest!

    My wife and I are taking a hastily planned vacation the end of this month, flying through Munich.

    She's not enthused by rowdy crowds, but I can't pass the opportunity to experience the real deal and spend at least a little time enjoying Oktoberfest.

    I have not done any serious research yet, and was hoping anyone on this board who has gone there might provide some ideas. Is it all in one general location, or are there multiple sites? Is there much difference between various breweries (if that is how they are organized)? Other tips you can share?


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    Never been there so I really can’t help. I did want to say I’m envious though. Hope you enjoy your trip!


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      So it was awesome!

      We found a more reasonably priced hotel outside the city, about a 30 minute ride on their awesome S Bahn trains, which we rode in with plenty of folks dressed in traditional outfits (which are really expensive if you are thinking about dressing like the locals, I passed) and followed the crowd to the Ofest area. Absolutely amazing mini-town of giant tents (more like warehouses), filled with thousands of people drinking the only beer and only size available, which is liters of that tent's festbier, and clinking dimpled mugs with everyone sitting around you that you can reach when this same particular song is played by the band. Just super friendly and welcoming folks, maybe 50/50 locals and tourists, you just sit down in a spot that's open, and start to get to know the folks around you and eat and drink.

      We flew overnight and got to the fest in the mid afternoon, stayed till about 10, made sure to hydrate and keep some food in our bellies, those liters add up quickly after not much sleep. My wife was hesitant initially but then got comfortable with it all, and ended up really happy she experienced it. There are a lot of on-line resources that spell out all the details, but it's not much more complicated than I described, show up and join in!

      This was a bucket list item for me, I'm guessing it is for some of you too, and I really recommend experiencing it. I couldn't handle more than a couple days in a row of it to be honest, but I'd definitely go again.


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        My wife and I went to the Hofbrau Haus Chicago about 3 weeks ago and man what great time. Being Oktoberfest time, the local Germans were out in droves, complete with their lederhosen (sp?)and dirndls (sp?). What a party. I am sure the real O'fest is even better than this was. Everyone was standing up on their seats and singing drinking songs, traditional German songs, etc. I would like to go to Oktoberfest in Munich some time, but if you can't go there, the nearest Hofbrau Haus is not a bad substitute. NAYY, just a great time.

        Glad you had a great time at the real deal, Greg!