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  • 2018 gtotmw

    Short notice as Saturday will be here soon, but are any of you Cheese-heads that once frequented this board (you know who you are) going to be at the Great Taste of the Midwest? I have missed it the past 3 years but was able to snag a couple tix for this years fun. The GABF may be the biggest, but certainly not the best!


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    Not a true “cheese head” as I’m out of Columbus but love WI beer! I too received a couple tickets this summer via the lottery and plan on enjoying Saturday. If you see a couple wearing t shirts with my avatar pic you found the right guy!


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      Great to meet David and Mike at the GToMW! Great


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        And it was great to meet you and your wife! Pretty amazing that we bumped into each other so early. The weather was fantastic and so was/were the beer(s). Too bad the Appleton gang were not to be found.


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          Probably better we ran into each other early. Might not have recognized my shirt! When you make it to Columbus let me k ow and I’ll buy you a beer at the brewery! Beautiful day there and the breeze off tha lake was spectacular.


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            I was there pouring for Stone Arch. Sorry I missed you guys. Mike Huss was unable to make it this year.


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              Well drat, PTA, you were one of the fellas I was hoping to see! It was such a nice day we did a lot more wandering around the fest vs having any type of plan as to which we were going to visit/sample. I should have made a note to hit Stone Arch and see if you WI boys were there. Do you know if Tim Roth was there? Was hoping to run into one or more of the three of you.


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                David - Tim did not make it this year either. I think Tony Catencamp was there but I missed him too.